Share Your Own Story

Every Human Has a Story

No matter what your employment status, you have a story to tell. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer people come to grips with reality and talk about it, like in the video below. Difficult economic circumstance deserve the same authentic dialogue and care.

Be More Authentic

Too often, those affected by unemployment or under-employment feel shame; they simply want to hide away.  Family and friends or others that feel guilty or powerless to help hide away or worse, make insensitive and often untrue remarks.

The unemployed or the underemployed are often forgotten and made to feel unimportant, unworthy, and guilty of their own plight. “Just get a better job.” “You’re just not looking hard enough.” “They are a discouraged worker and stopped looking for work.” Worse, former colleagues, and even family members, can act as though the economic cancer IS contagious. We need to collectively turn the tide and act a little more human.

This video was made to spread awareness of cancer. Let’s do the same thing for people navigating through these tough economic times.  Watch the video.  If you are so moved that you’d like to participate then please click here. If you know of somebody that should tell their story, please share this page with them.

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