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Use the social sharing links on this site to share with others. Please make sure you Get Counted yourself. Encourage others. Invite politicians, media, bloggers, and friends. Help others get counted.

Copy This to Share with Others
Copy the part in quotes to introduce others to this human focused project.

“I thought you’d like to know about this Please Count Me project. It is a website where people can self report their employment status whether they are super-employed, fully employed, under-employed, or unemployed. Please share it and help us to change public perception AND policies. We want Americans working and an America that works.

Mark Twain quote on people being fools - Pleasecountme

Find and Contact Elected Officials
Believe it or not, some politicans have their heart in the right place but their head in the sand. Think about who they hear from, it isn’t usually ordinary people. They here from people with a special agenda. Well, you can let them know about the people’s agenda. A strong and healthy working America is needed to stop more closures and stem the tide of layoffs. If you have the courage and wherewithal to contact your elected officials, know that your efforts have a multiplier effect. Locate elected officials now.

Suggested people and places to send letters and resumes to include: Janet Yellen, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Thomas Perez, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Your Congressional representatives, Your Governor, and more.

See proposed solutions that may help.


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