Jobs Report at Please Count Me for April 2014

True Jobs Report - people self reported employment status in April at Please Count Me

A Different Sort of Jobs Report
The Please Count Me project has now clocked it first month (3 weeks actually) and people from 50% of the United States have self reported their employment status – in all categories, fully employed, unemployed, under-employed, and super-employed. One suggestion was to add self employment as an option. Thank you Mr. Dotterer for suggesting that. We did in fact list it now. (If you’ve already registered and want to update your profile, simply click on your private link received via email.) One thing that we’ve seen in the data is that self employed people clearly fall into two categories – the super-employed and the under-employed.

Early Learning from Self Reported Data
An interesting finding in the data is that people that are unemployed or under-employed don’t lack skills or a college education. This, in spite of how popular it is by politicians and media to point to a skills gaps . What is common is that jobs have been eliminated for people irrespective of their performance. In one noteworthy case an entire operation was outsourced to Saudi Arabia and even the top performer was abruptly let go without explanation or the opportunity to contribute in another area of the business.

Pissed Off but not Giving Up
A popular refrain from media, politicans, and pundits is that those unemployed that are no longer eligible to collect unemployment benefits are discouraged and have given up looking for work. Our data does not support this popular myth. Irrespective of whether people are unemployed, under-employed and receiving benefits or not, almost our entire dataset supports the fact that people are looking for work. In correspondence with many, they’ve also indicated that they do get routinely ignored by companies’ applicant tracking systems and HR practices. “Black Hole, Void, The Great Abyss” and some other not so flowery prose has been used to refer to HR departments and “recruiting” practices. The common theme is that people are not discouraged and giving up looking for work, but they have given up on media, politicians, policy makers, and pundits.

We’d still like to fill out the entire US Map with people reporting in all 50 states. If know people that would like to self report their employment status, even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics isn’t giving them the opportunity to do so, please have them register by clicking here.

Help Light up the Map
If you already reported your employment status, thank you! Let’s get this map lit up and add more layers of data that can help to shape public perception and policy. We are still looking for people to self report their employment status in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island. Surely, you must know unemployed, under-employed, super-employed, or fully employed people that live in those states. You can use the social sharing links below this post to share on facebook tweet, etc. You can also use the messaging on the Make Some Noise section of the site.

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