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By allowing the unemployed, under-employed, and super-employed (see definitions) to self-report our status through this website, we hope to affect policy that will lead to respectable employment for hardworking US citizens. Our goal is to allow you to let us collect unemployment data by self-reporting and helping others to self-report who may not have access to computers to self –report. We will neither share nor sell your information, it will ONLY be used gather data about the true unemployment crisis in the US. The data alone will be shared with officials, not your personal information. WE ONLY WISH TO BE COUNTED in unemployment statistics. Like you, we believe the BLS is delivering false numbers, and these numbers are affecting policy. Policy makers are using these false numbers to guide them in decisions on unemployment and economics in our nation.

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The method used by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) to count the unemployed and under-employed is antiquated and archaic. Because of the less than poor data mining practices by the BLS, the numbers that are reported are false and highly misleading. Here is what Dave Kranzler, of Golden Returns Capital has to say: “the employmen report is probably the most deceptively fraudulent report produced by the Government.” This BLS report allows the public, politicians, and the media to sit on their hands and hide the fact that there is a crisis of un-proportional levels in this nation. It allows businesses and corporations to claim there are few, qualified workers and exclaim that they need to increase the number of H1B visa workers into the country,and hire workers at cut rates, thereby increasing profits to the 1%. The media and political “leaders” routinely ignore the store closings and layoffs reported daily by businesses. One only needs to look at to see the disconnect between numbers put out by the BLS, and the real numbers of unemployed.

Through self-reporting your status, we hope to garner support for REAL change in government to get us all back to meaningful and respectable employment. This site will allow you to share your personal story, and help you locate places that are working on changing the status of our situation and will offer support and a sense of belonging. We understand that there are many forms unemployment has taken. Some are just out of college burdened with student loan debt and having a difficult time getting started in their careers for lack of meaningful work. These people are not counted and were never counted in statistics. Some owned their own businesses, lost everything, and never were able to receive unemployment benefits and so were never counted. Some of us are older, and have been let go from positions, due to perceived cost-cutting measures.

Regardless of how we arrived at our current status, we are here and we WANT To be counted.

The easiest way to solve a problem is to pretend one does not exist. We believe the time for pretending is over. The public and our elected officials can no longer stick their heads in the sand. This issue has far reaching effects long into the future. We need action NOW. The only way to get all of us to act is to acknowledge the REAL crisis. The only way that can be accomplished is to provide the media, the public, and the politicians with REAL numbers.

That can only occur through this method of self-report

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