Proposed Solutions

the great seal of the United States - Pleasecountme.orgFirst, the problem needs to be acknowledged for what it is. Here are some solutions that can help. WE the people need:

  1. STRONG legislation for age discrimination.
  2. To cut out credit checks as a means to employment.
  3. To allow people to regain licenses without payment, or offer deferment options until people are back in the workforce.
  4. Legislation with TEETH to prevent discrimination against the unemployed. No job descriptions that say “unemployed need not apply”, or “only RECENT experience.”
  5. Employer programs where incentives are given to hire older workers, REAL long term unemployed and recent college graduates.
  6. Legislation to stop the revolving door of ushering out older workers, changing job titles, and subsequently hiring lower wage workers.
  7. Employers to STOP the practice of hiring H1B visa workers under the guise of a non-existent skills gap.

But, of course no solution matters if the problem isn’t acknowledged. Get Counted and encourage others to make themselves visible, too. If you have other suggested solutions, please tell us.

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