Gregory Olson

Gregory Olson is the Author of The Experience Design BLUEPRINT: Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations. Find the book or author page on Amazon. Reach Gregory on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. See a complete profile on About Me.

The War on Ignorance – Jobs, Cigarettes, and the Economy

We are at war. But, it isn’t with a foreign nation or terrorist group. This war is different. We are at war with the truth. As a country we like to be hopeful, believe that everything is on track, and things are being taken care of. We are usually a …

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Jobs Report at Please Count Me for April 2014

A Different Sort of Jobs Report The Please Count Me project has now clocked it first month (3 weeks actually) and people from 50% of the United States have self reported their employment status – in all categories, fully employed, unemployed, under-employed, and super-employed. One suggestion was to add self …

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Declining Middle Class Income In AnyTown USA

Houston, we have a problem. In fact, much of America has a problem. We are all in this together. Most people are not immune forever from a continuing economic scourge that has left many people unemployed, under-employed, fully employed but disengaged, or super-employed but on the verge of burn out. …

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