unemployed people at the end of their rope

The Please Count Me project is a community website for Americans to self report their employment status. This is a non-partisan site focused on a facts based, community reported reality. By allowing the unemployed, under-employed, and super-employed to self-report status through this website, we hope to affect policy that will lead to an America that works, with more Americans working.

This human-centered project has a five aims:

  1. Work toward a future where people can wake up each day to make meaning while contributing to secure their own future.
  2. Shift the perceptions of politicians, media, organizations and the public about the state of the American workforce.
  3. Challenge policy makers and organizations to put people and communities first.
  4. Empower policy makers with information to make better decisions.
  5. Provide a platform for ideas to get people back to work.

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